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    I watch a fair bit of Japanese animation, also called anime. These are a few of my favorite links.

    UW-Madison Anime Club

    Information about individual series and films:

    Anime Planet
    The JASCII Archive
    Anime News Network
    Anime DB

    Most of what is published in Japan doesn't make it over here; luckily
    there's a cottage industry of English-speaking anime fans who subtitle
    anime and distribute it over here online. Unsurprisingly, there's a
    caveat, that if a US company licenses the distribution rights the fans
    pull the files from the net. The Japanese studios don't seem to mind;
    since it doesn't impact their sales. The American licenses don't
    mind; from their perspective it functions as guerrilla marketing and
    means they have an established market when they sell their disks.
    Speaking as a fan, I have to say I don't mind either.

    Here are websites which provide bittorrent downloads of unlicensed anime.